Unidentified Spaces

Track Listing:

  1. Blues For Clancye  (Bob Bertles)
    Unidentified Spaces  (Sandy Evans)
    (A suite in 4 movements)
  2. ForTea Two
  3. The Heart
  4. North Pole
  5. Queensland
  6. Folk Song  (Miroslav Bukovsky)
  7. The Strongest Man in Indonesia  (Col Loughnan)

Recorded:  Sony Studios  2000
Released:   Rufus Records 2000
ISBN / Catalogue Number: Rufus Records RF050


Indisputably Australia’s foremost modern jazz ensemble, Ten Part Invention, has released a fitting follow-up to the excellent preceding CD, Tall Stories. Roger Frampton, to whom this recording is dedicated, died earlier this year, aged only 52. That Paul McNamara has filled his pianistic shoes so well is most laudable.His uniquely Australian music is modern jazz of the very highest quality, able to strut the world’s stages with the best that the art form can offer. US writer, Whitney Balliett once called jazz “the sound of surprise”. This extremely gifted ensemble personifies’s it – in its case TPI also stands for Totally and Positively Incredible!

Ron Morey   -  extract from Jazz Review, Perth