Ten Part Invention (RE-RELEASE)


First self-titled CD.  Now regarded as somewhat of a collectors item.

Track Listing:
  1. And Zen Monk (Roger Frampton)
  2. So It Goes     (Roger Frampton)
  3. Plain Talk      (Miroslav Bukovsky)
  4. Ten Part Invention Blues  (Miroslav Bukovsky)
  5. Spirit Song  (Bernie McGann, Arr. Roger Frampton)
  6. Eleven Eleven  (Roger Frampton)
  7. Song Of Laughter (Miroslav Bukovsky)
  8. For Woody  (Miroslav Bukovsky

Nov. 1987
Released: ABC Records  1990  (Aria Nominated) 
ISBN / Catalogue Number: ABC 274 1221 (Re-Released)


Like the group itself this historic recording is unique in many ways. The eight pieces recorded were first presented at our Adelaide Festival debut in March 1986. Eighteen months later we went into the ABC studio and recorded this entire album, all first takes, no overdubbing, in one four hour session! We were ready!

It was released in 1990, nominated for an ARIA award and quickly stablished the group as the most innovative and exciting ensemble in Australian jazz. The only member absent was Sandy Evans who was on an overseas study grant and was replaced for 6 months by a young Dale Barlow who went on to establish his own international reputation on her return.

Now in our 25th year I look back proudly on our wonderfully creative achievements, touring to many places including an invitation to the USA in 2004, further recording, awards both collectively and individually and continuing on our journey to present exclusively the works of Australian composers.

The personnel has only had two changes with the untimely passing of Roger Frampton in 2000 and Bernie McGann's decision to concentrate on his own career in 2003.

Our thanks go to ABC Jazz for re-releasing this important recording of Australian jazz history.

- John Pochée 2010