Ten Part Invention


First self-titled CD.  Now regarded as somewhat of a collectors item.

Track Listing:
  1. And Zen Monk (Roger Frampton)
  2. So It Goes     (Roger Frampton)
  3. Plain Talk      (Miroslav Bukovsky)
  4. Ten Part Invention Blues  (Miroslav Bukovsky)
  5. Spirit Song  (Bernie McGann, Arr. Roger Frampton)
  6. Eleven Eleven  (Roger Frampton)
  7. Song Of Laughter (Miroslav Bukovsky)
  8. For Woody  (Miroslav Bukovsky

Nov. 1987
Released: ABC Records  1990  (Aria Nominated) 
ISBN / Catalogue Number: ABC 9834640 (Re-issued 2010)


One day in November 1987 Ten Part Invention gathered in an ABC Studio in Sydney to record a program for “Its All Music”, hosted by Julian Lee. It was not a session where the music would be grafted together through re-recording and overdubs; instead, the band went straight ahead, live to tape, and laid down the first eight works in the band book – all first takes. It is a measure of the brilliance of this group, not only that this was possible, but that it was done so well.

This album is a milestone in the history of Australian jazz.  The eight compositions are the works that Ten Part Invention performed when it made its debut at the Adelaide Arts Festival in 1986 – a concert series, indeed a band that resulted from a recommendation made by Sydney SIMA President Peter Rechniewski to the Festival’s Artistic Director, Anthony Steel in mid 1985. As a result the legendary John Pochée was able to translate into reality a musical concept he had harboured for years.

Only a musician of Pochée’s personality and standing could have gathered and held together such a group, whose personnel reads like a who’s who of Australia’s most creative modern jazz musicians. The band has had a remarkably stable personnel, which has enabled it to evolve into the finest large ensemble we now have in Australian jazz.

Eric Myers – Extract from Cover Notes