Live at Wangaratta

The Music Of Roger Frampton


The last concert performed by the late Roger Frampton.
Described by critics as one of Australia’s greatest historic jazz recordings.

Track Listing:
  1. Jazznost
  2. Randomesque
  3. The Dramatic Balladeer
  4. Sorry My English
  5. Separate Reality

Live at The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz - Oct. 1999
Released: 2005
ISBN / Catalogue Number: 983 4640

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The Music Of Roger Frampton
Has there ever been a more important release of local jazz than this? I remember the electricity in the room, that 1999 day, as though it were yesterday. An appearance by Ten Part Invention, Australia's longest-running large creative music ensemble, at the Wangaratta Festival, the country's pre-eminent jazz event, is always special, but this was different. The band's co-musical director, Roger Frampton, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, and would never return. It was unknown how much longer he would live, and so leader and drummer John Pochee gave the program over entirely to Frampton's compositions: a poignant tribute in which the man himself could still participate at the piano and on sopranino saxophone.
The other nine players were never going to give less than their very souls to this performance, and the mortally sick Frampton threw himself into the enterprise with some hidden reserve of energy, considerable bravery and his usual high levels of creativity and humour. A packed Town Hall audience, split between tears and jubilation, was there to urge he and his colleagues on for 50 minutes of the pinnacle of Australian Jazz.
Ten Part always was, and remains, an all-star band, but one with egos well in check, so Frampton's music could take centre stage; every solo enhancing the composer's vision, without an individual's artistry being in the least compromised. Frampton's wild sopranino improvisation on the madcap <Sorry My English> brought the night's emotion flooding back, and to hear his brilliant, switchback piano solos again is to see him sitting at the instrument, part mischief-maker and part maestro. He died three months later. This, belatedly, is a magnificent epitaph.

John Shand – Sydney Morning Herald

I AM MORE THRILLED about the release of this CD, Ten Part Invention Live at Wangaratta, than any I have ever been associated with.
There must be hundreds of special performances over my many years of broadcasting and listening to music that have left an impression on me, but then there are a few which are so special that they never leave me. Of all the many concerts that I have been fortunate to experience, none has left such lasting memory as the performance we have on this CD- Ten Part Invention at the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz on 31st October 1999.                    
Jim McLeod – Extract from CD Notes